by Dennis Roberts

Your ability to reinvent yourself, products/ services, brand and even your category is a key to enjoying sustained business success. Sadly most business owners don’t look at reinvention or innovation until it is too late. Why? 80% of the population adopt reactive behaviour. They wait for the external environment to create such discord or circumstance that change is demanded.

When you run an enterprise the best advice I can afford you is to reinvent yourself and your business on an ongoing, if not scheduled, basis. You may well ask, “Why take action when it’s not broken?” Well, the business environment moves so fast and with such volatility that if you are standing still or operating from yesterdays assumptions and beliefs you will be dead in the water.

In the education sector curriculums which are set at the beginning of the year are outdated before they have run their term! Fortunately, you are an enterprise and a small(er) one at that and this affords you the flexibility and ability to alter course more quickly than larger institutions. Herein is a major competitive advantage for you. If you program annual reinvention of yourself and your business you not only take out the reactivity, you create a decisive advantage over your competitors, big and small.

Quite simply, if there was one new thing you did in your business all year, let it be this – reinvent yourself and your business. Question the very assumptions upon which you started the business. everything is fair game.  

Here’s some things for you do:

Make reinvention an annual event – Given that reactivity is so widespread take the spontaneity out of the equation by programming an annual review, or time to reinvent yourself. This applies equally to your as an individual as it does for your products, services, brand and category.

Go offsite – The process of reinvention, innovation or lateral thinking is best explored when you are free from the constraints of your day-to-day activities. Get out of the office, commune with nature, or find some avenue where you disrupt the limits of your current thinking. Creatives adopt techniques like writing ideas with your non-preferred hand, engaging in musical or theatrical stimulation, or any right brain activity.

Innovation is play – Business is too serious. If managing a business is science then innovating is art. Give you and your team permission to explore the unexplored. The creative power houses like Google and Apple have made art an art form. Huh? Give yourself permission to play and reap rewards unimagined by your logical, linear, conservative left brain.

by Dennis Roberts