First Choose An Eye To See What It Reveals About You 

An eye is very complex, beautiful and intriguing. The eye symbolizes clarity, focus and purpose. The eye you are drawn to below reveals quite a bit about your personality. Choose the eye you like best to learn more about yourself.

This is a fun eye personality test! What eye are you drawn to? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9? You can choose more than 1 if you feel drawn.

Eye 1. Deep Down You Are Open. 

You’re the type of person who will welcome almost anyone into your life and heart. You believe that it’s better to take a risk and get hurt than to close yourself off to the world. You don’t show the world your fears or insecurities. You believe that your problems should be dealt with privately. You try to be totally there for everyone, even if you’re hurting inside. Helping others is how you heal.

Eye 2. Deep down you are Conscientious. 

You’re the type of person who’s always looking to make a good impression and do the right thing. You believe your actions make a difference in other people’s lives, no matter how large or small they are. You don’t show the world how worried and upset you are. You see a lot of misery and injustice that you keep to yourself. You are devoted to being the best person possible. It’s the least you can do with your time on this planet.

Eye 3. Deep Down you are tortured. 

You’re the type of person who has a very tumultuous past that still affects you today. You can’t help but think that life is some sort of sick cosmic joke. You try to find your peace wherever you can. You don’t show the world your darkest thoughts. You have a lot to endure, and your keeping it to yourself. Your outlook can be surprisingly sunny at times. You’re an expert at picking yourself up when you fall.

Eye 4. Deep Down you are philosophical. 

You’re the type of person who’s likely to over think everything and anything. You like to get to the deeper meaning of things. You get so lost in your thoughts that it’s sometimes hard to tell up from down. You don’t show the world how unsure you are about everything. You may be figuring things out, but you’re still confident. You see life as a puzzle, and you like playing with the pieces until they fit together. You may not ever figure out the meaning of it all, and you’re okay with that.

Eye 5, Deep down you are mysterious. You’re the type of person who hasn’t figured yourself out, so good luck to anyone else who plans to try! You are a mash up of many contradictions, and your mood changes daily. Once find yourself, you’ve changed into someone else. You don’t show the world much about yourself. You are a person of few words and confusing actions. You prefer to observe and learn about people before you chime in. You only say things that you are sure of.

Eye 6. Deep down you are sensitive. 

You’re the type of person who notices everything and forgets nothing. You are very in tune with the world. You feel deeply, and sometimes the silliest things can affect you. You are easily brought to laughter or tears. You don’t show the world how fragile you are. You instead show people how insightful you can be. You are good at anticipating what’s going to happen in your life. You are often the first one to see what’s coming.

Eye 7. Deep down you are fiery.

You’re the type of person who’s always energetic or passionate. There’s nothing subtle about you… ever. You tend to love or hate everything. You have a ton of opinions, and you make up your mind quickly. You don’t show the world how anxious you are. You have a lot of energy, and too much of it means you can be quite nervous. Everything is very high stakes for you. You can’t help but build up the drama in your head.

Eye 8. Deep down you are eccentric.

You’re the type of person who has unusual interests, beliefs, and practices. You’ve always been a bit of a weirdo. You don’t care much for rules or tradition. You do things your way and let the chips fall where they may. You show the world everything about you. You have nothing to hide, and you just laugh off those who judge you. You wish everyone was more like you. There’s a lot of joy in being a non-conformist.

Eye 9. Deep Down you are Intuitive. 
You’re the type of person who understands other people and the world very well. You don’t let on to how much you know. You can tell so much from someone’s facial expressions or tone of voice. And you always know when you’re being lied to. You show the world exactly what you want to show. Besides being good at reading people, you also know how you’re being read. You know when you’re being manipulated, and you know how to manipulate someone if you have to. You usually don’t resort to it though!

reproduced from Jesse Johnson

Are you a service professional with more than your fair share of last minute cancellations? And whilst we all understand last minute emergencies that can cause no shows there comes that moment where you sit back and contemplate just what sort of flakey behavior you are creating here. And it is behavior.

Some people just have poor time management, whereas for others it may reflect where their values truly are. It's not much consolation for you tho if someone doesn't show up as agreed because something more important has come up. The nature of services is that they are time sensitive so once that moment has gone there's seldom time for you to recover it. You set aside a time spot and it's here one moment and gone the next.

So, what can you do to eliminate last minute cancellations?

  • SET the EXPECTATION: The place to start is BEFORE they arise. When you take on a new client it is imperative you discuss your expectations of what you want to happen AND ITS CONSEQUENCES from the outset. This doesn't have to be messy or even unreasonable. With any form of expectation setting it is far more effective if you make a statement rather than ask a question. Be direct. Be clear. "My expectations are that you attend the appointment as agreed, in the event that you cannot make it I require 48 hours notice."

  • STATE the CONSEQUENCES: The next step is to spell out what the remedial action will be, for example, "Late cancellations will be charged at 50% of my hourly rate". If there is no consequence to a transgression then you have no bargaining chip. Sometimes merely the stating of the expectation upfront does the trick and for more serial offenders you need another avenue. It is also critical that you state this upfront. 

    I understand that when you are signing up a new client the temptation is focus on the harmonious relationship, benefits and value you will deliver. This clearly shouldn't be the centrepiece of your deal but you can talk about how you take a clients time seriously and will do everything to honor them and expect the same professional courtesy in return.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - depending on the service you are providing you may find holding someone accountable for their commitments and keeping their word is part of the value you create. Flakey behavior is indeed behavior and behavior tends to do what behavior tends to do and that is repeat. Behaviors are choice points - the thing you need to determine is whether these choices are conscious or unconscious. There is massive value in that right there.

  • INVITE A RESPONSE - this is key! Once you have set the expectations and stated the consequences invite a response. You can script these question - how does that sound? Do I have your commitment? Are you ok with that? 

And if it all goes pear shaped remember that you ultimately reserve the right to terminate the client agreement. You don't need clients who don't honor you and your time. When you not only set your personal boundaries but more particularly uphold them you close one door to the universe and make a definitive statement about what you want to consciously create ... and that's a good thing!

by Dennis Roberts


The Shift Movie


Hello Dear Friends, Supporters and SHIFTERS, 

My name is Rochelle Marmorstein and I am the Producer/Director of THE SHIFT Movie. After creating two critically acclaimed documentaries, I embarked on pulling together a world class team of professional documentary artists, leading edge thinkers, cutting edge scientists, culture innovators, social entrepreneurs, and digital artists to create THE SHIFT Movie, a project that is near and dear to our collective hearts.

We call this a MOVIE MADE BY A MOVEMENT because what we are illustrating is a Movement that is the combination and culmination of all the movements to a more socially just society and peaceful world. Every one of us has a role to play and can contribute to making this a better world. Through this film, we want to show you demonstrations of those individuals who are already making a difference with passion and a commitment to positive change.
The film has magnetized incredible luminaries, leading edge thinkers, evolutionary futurists, scientists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I have put my life's savings into this project over the last 10 years and now we want to include you in our mission to complete this film so we can share this message of hope and possibility with the world.

We have already shot many of the visionary interviews and now we want to complete shooting the individual stories of the ordinary people stepping into their power to make a difference to their families, local communities, countries and to the world.

Technology and innovation breakthroughs are rapidly advancing the individuals' capability to make a bigger impact on the billions on the planet. We want to include some of these stories in the film to illustrate the impact that each one of us has the opportunity to create at this historical moment.



Spiritual Power


Real spiritual power does not come from will or desire, but is a direct expression of an aspect of the divine. As such it carries a force and focus that belong to the Absolute, and have the stamp of divine will. Through spiritual power the will of the Absolute can be directly enacted in the world. This power does not have to follow the laws of creation because it belongs to the Creator. It is not caught in the patterns of cause and effect, by which most intentions become diluted or dispersed before they are fully enacted. When an intention is born in human consciousness, it enters the realm of duality, where there is a separation between intention and action. In the process of enacting an idea, the original purity of the idea inevitably becomes distorted. Shadow dynamics also interfere, which is where power dynamics enter. TS. Eliot poignantly expresses this process:

Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow.

However, real spiritual power does not belong to the realm of duality or the dynamics of cause and effect. It is born on the plane of pure being, or beyond, in the uncreated emptiness. It has the capacity to interact with creation without following the laws of creation, without being caught by duality and its shadow dynamics. It is often the lack of any shadow dynamic to this energy that makes it invisible—we perceive things most easily by the shadows they create. Light upon light is more difficult to perceive than light upon darkness.

This spiritual energy that comes from beyond duality, enacted by a master who has been made free from the relative world, can come directly into life without being caught in the play of opposites and its unfolding dramas. It has the capacity to enact the will of the divine in its simple essence. Something just happens. This is what we call a miracle, when there is no logical cause, no pattern of events that appears to cause something. It just is. The divine enters life without the play of opposites, without following the process of creation. This is what makes the intercession of the divine so simple and potent.

by Lewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Alchemy is our Western tradition of inner transformation. Sufis have known about the inner process of alchemy... Sufis mastered the alchemy of the heart, through which the energy of love transforms the individual to reveal the light hidden within the darkness of the nafs or lower self. They developed a detailed science for working with the chambers of the heart to effect an inner transformation that gives the wayfarer access to the light of his true nature.

This work does not belong just to the individual, but can have a direct relationship to the whole of creation and the heart of the world. Once we recognize the mysterious connection between our own innermost essence and the soul of the world, we can use the tools of inner transformation to work directly with the soul of the world, to help the anima mundi reveal its divine light and awaken.

Once we make the simple acknowledgement that we are a part of the whole, then a connection is made between our light and the world. We make this connection with our consciousness and with our imagination; then through this connection our light begins to flow. In this way we begin to redeem the work of the whole. These connections create pathways of light that find their way through the darkness of the collective psyche. Just as in our personal psyche, there are blocks and places of resistance to this flow of light; and there are also places of power, creativity, and unexpected qualities.


It seems fitting that on the 4 July as America celebrates the declaration of independence from British rule we acknowledge the contribution made by the proliferation of independent businesses. Power, ownership and control are the hallmarks of an institutionalised world and this is particularly evident within an industrialised economy.

Amidst a rapidly changing landscape buoyed largely by technological advances and the global gateway we now know as the internet, the playground for real transformational change both at a personal level and a business level is the micro economy. As the nature of work becomes more transient and itinerant larger numbers, by necessity or choice, are opting out of the mainstream and into the world of freelance, self-employment and enterprise.

The digital and knowledge economies give the people a voice. Social media and viral marketing channels allow us to communicate in real time across the globe. Whilst there remains a healthy cynicism about the influence of big brother we have access to a wider range of non-mainstream information channels.

The raison d’etre of independent business owners differs at its core to large public companies and corporate institutions. The strongest catalyst for Independent business owners going out on their own in pursuit of their dreams is not primarily for wealth creation but rather lifestyle choice. The most discernible difference between the economic drivers of big business and small business is not the pursuit of profit but rather the MAXIMISATION of profit.

Entrepreneurship, at its core, is the place where materiality and spirituality meet. A heartfelt mission or passion fuels the drive to do what you love, make a purposeful contribution and leave an enduring legacy. It’s essence is creative. It is an invitation to create value. Sure, an institutionalised world offers employment opportunities and many of these are built around compliance and regulatory activities.

The heart of the entrepreneurial world beats as a conscious, creative collective and in large measure this is due to those that took a risk to pursue their dreams – in much the same way as our forefathers before us. So, today on Independents Day we salute those brave entrepreneurs who dared to dream and dared to pursue their dreams. Long may you prosper.

by Dennis Roberts

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